War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Wednesday, September 4, 1918

Routine Orders of this date stated that decorations had been awarded as follows: – Bar to the Military Medal/ 59685 Sgt.W.H.Murney (now deceased) 725005 Sgt. S. Cooper, M.M. 636685 Corpl. T. Baird, M.M. Military Medal:- 58174 Cpl.W.Griffiths, 193366 Pte. Haderram, 59200 Sgt.H.G.W.Worden, 80046 Sgt. J.H. West, 454457 Cpl. J.J.Higgins, 470195 Sgt. W. Dumrose, 800335 Pte. O.F. Dalton, 239531 Pte. H.H. Smith, 14806 L.Cpl. L.E. Jones, 855107 Pte. F.W.Porter, 51885 Cpl. A. Rollings, 193079 Pte. K.V.Fox, 1063314 Pte. A.H.Baldwin, 47010 Pte. T. McGarry, 50732 Pte. F. McGraham, 606272 Pte. W.H. Gray, 07273 Pte. W.W.Dafoe, 193053 Pte. E. Clarin, 200052 Sgt. G.T.Tillbrroke, 633222 L/Cpl. W. Campbell, 1007212 Cpl. K.MacGullivan, 434072 Cpl. W.J.Charles, 636093 Pte. A. McKay, 724281 Pte. H. McInnis, 455091 Pte. J. W. Bartlett, 639773 Pte. H.B.LaPlante, 675170 Pte.F.Blochner, 1070267 Pte.G.H.Thorpe, 475277 Pte. L. Croyy, 831750 Pte. W.J. Smith. These decorations were awarded those other ranks in respect of acts of gallantry by them in the attack carried out on the enemy’s position East of Marcelcave on August 8th, 1918. The recipients were congratulated by the Commanding Officer and their many friends throughout the Battalion. In the afternoon the battalion moved forward and took up positions in the Beaucourt West line with Battalion Headquarters.

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