War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Sunday, November 10, 1918

On the morning of the 10th the number in the advance were 416, 50 other ranks in charge of Corpl. J.McLennan, M.M. had been detailed for the Brigade Evacuation Party and 18 other ranks under Serg. G.E. Dobbs for the Divisional Burial Party. The number at Transport, including bands, Q.M. Stores, Water Detail and Regtl. Transport was 106. 60 Other Ranks were on leave and these away from the Battalion on course, etc, totaled 90. On his date Lieut D.K. MacDonnel, O.C. “B” Coy, was wounded by shell-fire, 1 other rank was killed and 6 other ranks wounded by shell-fire. 3320054 Pte. L. Sullivan, who was killed was a member of “A”Company and was considered a most efficient soldier. He was taken on strength of the 21st Canadian Battalion on August the 28th, 1918. His home was Rapids Des Junction, Quebec, Canada. In all 11 officers went forward with the Battalion on the morning of  Nov 10th. Captain F.L.Ludlow and Lieut W. Nicholson remained with the rear details. Q.M. Stores and Transport. Owing to the casualties during August, September and October fighting the Battalion was very short of Officers. The following officers advanced with the Battalion. Headquarters: O.C., Lieut-Col-H.E Pense, D.S.O., M.C. Adjutant, Capt F. D Raymond, M.C. Intel Officer. Lieut. R.A. Stewart, Sig Officer, Lieut. J.G. Caldwell, “A” Company Lieut N.W. Edwards, Lieut J.L. Smith, “B” Company Lieut F. G. Robinson, Lieut G. D. Woodcock, “C” Company Lieut D.K.MacDonell. “D” Company Lieut R.J. Gill, Lieut W.I. Flemings. The Advance of the 21st Canadian Battalion halted at Forcean on the 10th were the unit rested overnight.

Image: Canadian Patrol crossing the railway in Valenciennes under heavy machine gun fire. November, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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