War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Wednesday, October 9, 1918

At 0315 Hours October 9th, the 21st Canadian Battalion proceeded from its location in X.19.c and assembled in the Marcoing Line in X.17b and d. at 0500hours. The personnel totaled 24 officers and 582 O.R.s “J” Battery, 2nd Canadian Machine Gun Battalion, was attached. 5 Officers and 320 other Ranks Rear Details (including transport, Quartermaster Stores, etc.) were left at the transport lines at W.26.o.50.20. On October 6th and Evacuation Party of Officer and 50 Other Ranks reported to Sailly (X.29.a and c). Battalion Headquarters was established at X.17.d.20.10. At 1230 hours Orders were received from the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade to proceed to S.23.d., and the Battalion assembled in the Sunken Road at that location at 1700 hours. The enemy observed the move and shelled the Unit en route. At 1810 hours the Battalion crossed the Canal De L’Escaut over Bridge at S.30.a.85.55. and occupied billets in Escaudoeuvres. Battalion Headquarters was established at T.25.a.10.25. The following officers proceeded forward on October 9th with the Battalion for the operations north-east of Cambrai: Headquarters:-Lieut-Colonel H.E. Pense, D.S.O., M.C., Major G.S.S.Bowerbank, M.C., Capt.F.K.Ludlow (Adjutant). Lieut. G.W.Trollope, M.M.(I.G.O.), Lieut.A.Cockerman, D.S.O.(Intel.Officer),Lieut.M.B.Button (Scout Officer). Lieut.J.G.Caldwell (Sig.Officer),Capt.H.Black(M.O.),59969 R.S.M S.Thomas,D.G.M., “A” Company:= Lieuts.V.R.Ullman, H.M.Pattison (Died of wounds), J.H.O’Keefe (wounded), J.A. Grant (wounded). “B” Company:-Lieuts.F.G.Robinson, I.R.McKenzie (Killed), A.m> Scott (Killed), E.S.Webb(Gassed). “C” Company:- Capt H.T. Deane, M.C. (wounded), Lieuts. W.F. Ferrier M.M. (Killed) S.T.Crooks. “D” Company:- Lieuts H.D. Wightman M.C., A.T. Waters (wounded), J.H.Northey (wounded, H.W.Powell (wounded).

Image: Canadians moving forward into attack on Cambrai. Advance East of Arras. October, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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