War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Thursday, October 31, 1918

On October 31st the Battalion was honoured by a visitation (unofficially) From H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Captain F.D. Raymond, M.C. who was in charge of the training, was presented to His Royal Highness by Lieut.-Colonel Millen, D.S.O. He in turn presented Captain D.J. More, M.C., Liieut. G.D. Woodstock and Lieut. D.K. MacDonnel. His Royal Highness talked with Captain Raymond for fifteen minutes and seemed greatly interested in the training and the welfare of the Battalion. The Battalion pays a high tribute to the valour and consistent service with the Battalion of the following non-commissioned Officers and Men who have laid down their lives in the discharge of their duty during the present month: – 412201 Sergt. R. A. Clarke, 108292 Sergt.E.McK.Sullivan, M.M., 603062 Sergt. S.T. Tilbrook, M.M., 636287 Sergt. J. Turriff, 144553 L/Sgt.A.T.King, 59105 Corpl.A.S.Brown -orignal-, 204326 Corpl. F.W. Heath, 724261 L/Cpl C.H.McInnis,M.M., 880858 Pte. R.Barry, 3055137 Pte. K.F.Bartley, 1027426 Pte. A. Bates, 3320631 Pte. J.R.Brown, 59126 Pte. G.Byng-original-, 3057700 Pte. J.T. Carroll, 455902 Pte. R.A.Burng, 1093415 Pte. S.T.Connaghan, 59211 Pte.K.Craig -original-, 195904 Pte. W. Curtin, 3067524 Pte G. Cobbledick, 3057257 Pte. R. Crarey, 634018 Pte. W.E. Campbell, 4021569 Pte. G. Chartrand, 3056587 Pte. A. Demarah, 1036400 Pte. R.D. Dickinson, 3106135 Pte W.H. Edmiston, 2507375 Pte. J. Foley, 3320041 Pte. S. Hall, 640016 Pte. M. Hodge, 634085 Pte. W. Hartle, 1087349 Pte. F. Henderson, 246105 Pte. H. Hopkinson, 663276 Pte. M. Kaley, 3106124 Pte. C. Knapp, 1051064 Pte. M.E.M. Kemp, 2356573 Pte. T. Keny, 2138250 Pte. I.Pehman, 3320611 Pte. F. Loan, 320380 Pte. A. Levert, 455849 Pte. J.R. Lander, 3108190 Pte. H.C. Langmaid, 2021710 Pte. J. Mansfield, 4080299 Pte. D. Malandy, 59697 Pte. J.R. McBride -original-, 3320243 Pte.G.I.McGregor, 4021085 Pte. J.R.McPhersn, 636477 Pte. D.A.NcKenzie, 165694 Pte.W.J.Newnham, 4020966 Pte. J.L O’Connor, 533789 Pte. F.W. Porter, 2137805 Pte. D.P.Philban, 59775 Pte.H.J.Parkins -original-, 3320687 Pte. W.P.Reynolds, 2350211 Pte.G.A.Ryan, 724064 Pte. M.Sinclai, 1069753 Pte.F.Silver, 2590877 Pte. Q. Smith, 2067552 Pte.J.H.Smith, 1093025 Pte. S.H.St.Peter, 3057473 Pte. J.A. Storey, 3055822 Pte. H.Simpson, 1093245 Pte. J.W. Switner, 4020659 Pte. F. H Tryer, 1263566 Pte. W.T.Wesley-Long, 219888 Pte. E.Whitefoot, 2265933 Pte. T.A. Watson, 724304 Pte. H, Wood, 313 Pte. W. Wilson, 2356592 Pte. J. Wislon, 3130698 Pte. W. York. Despite the number engagements and strenuous fighting in which the Canadian Corps participated during the month, the leave allotment was light. 11 Officers and 90 Other Ranks was sent from this Battalion on a well-earned and long expected 14 days’ rest. The Ration strength of the Battalion on October 31st was: Officers………15, Other Ranks…..655.

Image: The Prince of Wales inspects 2nd Canadian Machine Gun Battalion on the Valenciennes Front. October, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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