War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Thursday, October 10, 1918

In accordance with the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade, O.O.No.23 of October 10th, the Battalion assembled in T.19.b and d. at 0545 hours on October 10th preparatory to attack of the Brigade through Haves (T.23), T.16, T.10 across the Broglie River if the objective in U.2.c was gained by the 18th Canadian Battalion. The Battalion advanced in artillery formation at zero (0600 hours) to the area north-west of the railroad in T.10.e and T.16.a. Owing to the advance of the 18th Canadian Battalion being held up east of Erolin River in T.10.b and T.11.a by heavy hostile machine gun fire from their left, the 21st Battalion remained for the day in T.10.0 and T.16.a. At 1500 hours the two support companies crossed to the south-eastern side of the railway. Battalion headquarters was established at T.16.A.3.2. Our Casualties were Officers: wounded, 1. – Other Ranks: Killed 1, wounded 16. Brigade was kept in touch with the situation by telephone and also by liason. Lieut.H.W.Powell was the only officer casualty on the 10th. He, with Lieuts. Waters, Northey, O’Keefe and Grant had recently joined the Battalion. They had all been promoted from the ranks.

Image: Canadians moving up into the fight for Cambrai. Advance East of Arras. October, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

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