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WO1 Alonzo Nathan Clark, MM

WO1 Alonzo Nathan Clark, MM, RSM of the 41st Regiment Brockville Rifles 1905-1915, 156th CEF Bn 1915-1918 and The Brockville Rifles 1920-1929 stands outside of the Brockville Armouries. At the time of his enlistment he had served 1 year with the Governor General’s Foot Guards and 17 years with the 41st Regiment, Brockville Rifles.

He enlisted in the 156th Bn on February 1st, 1916 at 40 years of age at the rank of Sergeant. voluntarily taking a reduction in rank. He was gazetted on July 3rd 1919, as a recipient of the Military Medal (MM) as a member of the 21st Bn CEF.
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WO1 Alonzo Nathan Clark, MM, Le SMR du 41st Regiment Brockville Rifles 1905-1915, le 156e Bn CEC 1915-1918, et The Brockville Rifles 1920-1929 en avant du manège militaire de Brockville. Lors de son attestation il avait servit 1 an avec les Governor General’s Foot Guards et 17 ans avec le 41st Regiment, Brockville Rifles.

Il s’est enrollé le 1er février, 1916 à l’age de 40 ans prennant volontairement une réduction de grade comme sergeant. La gazette du 3 juillet, 1919, le nomme comme récipient de la Médaille militaire (MM) comme membre du 21e Bn CEC.

Photo courtesy Brockville Museum

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