Genealogy The Second World War

Lt George Albert Beale

Depicted: Officers of the Brockville Rifles – October 1935
SEATED—(Left to right)-Captain H. A. Taylor, Major R. F. Craig, V.D., Major H. R. Starr, Major N. L. MacDowell, Col. R. J. Gill, M.C., V.D., Hon. Col. Right Hon. Geo. P. Graham, P.C., LL.D., Lt.-Col. J. R. McCullough, V.D., Lt.-Col. M. W. MacDowell, M.C., Lt.-Col. F. C. Curry, V.D., Major W. H. Comstock, Major D. E. Lewis, Captain C. A. Beattie, Lieut. D. H. Mallory. STANDING-(Left to Right) —Captain R. H. Sheridan, Lieut. J. J. Keir, Lieut. L. E. Fox, Lieut. A. W. Sheridan, Lieut. H. W. Pearson, Lieut. H. S. White, Lieut. A. W. Davison, Captain T. R. Gray, Captain W. S. Cole, Captain G. R. Johnston, Lieut. J. P. McNaughton, Lieut. A. M. Patterson, Lieut. A. I. Munro, Lieut. J. A. Lord, Lieut. H. P. Smith. AT TOP-(Left to right) —Lieut. G. A. Beale, Lieut. G. T. Fulford, Lt.-Col. C. T. Wilkinson, Lt. Col. W. S. Buell, C.B.E., V.D., Captain D. B. Code, Captain J. G. Sparling, M.M., Lieut. R. E. Smart.

Lt George Albert Beale came to Brockville in 1935 to work in D.E. Lewis’ law firm. During the Second World War Lt. Beale trained officers at the Officer Training Camp located in Brockville. While training officers he earned the rank of Major. Following the War he remained with the Army Reserve as a member of the Brockville Rifles. 

In 1945 he became the Master of Salem Lodge of the Brockville Masons.

In 1948 he partnered with D.E. Lewis and Eleanor Christy and incorporated a business called Rollit Sales Limited. This small company manufactured ball-point pens and expanded to employ over a dozen people within the community. Later the company was renamed to Rollit Products Limited


Submitted by: WO TL Beale, CD1 (Ret’d) 2 Oct 1979 – 15 Mar 2011

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  1. Thank you for posting my Great Uncle Albert’s story, I’m a proud family member who also served with The Brocks! Semper Paratus!

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