War Diaries – 38th Bn. CEF

38th Bn, CEF-Sunday, September 1, 1918

The battalion had taken over positions allotted, by 3.50a.m. The morning of the 1st September, with “B” Company in the front line, (Ostrich Trench), with Outposts pushed forward about 300 yards under a covering barrage. “A” Company was in Support, “C” and “D” companies in reserve. Much movement was noticed on our front during the day, especially at Sunken Roads and in the neighbourhood of the Hindcourt-Dury Road, also enemy artillery was active on our front and support trenches and in the neighbourhood of Battalion Headquarters where about 15 casualties were caused. Early in the afternoon the massing of enemy troops in his forward area suggested and attack, and about 6.30p.m. a general forward movement of enemy had developed. Fearing that our advanced posts, which consisted of two platoons, would be overrun, Lieutenant D. Adams pushed forward with remaining two platoons of “B” Company and reinforced our outpost positions, which consisted of a series of shell holes North and South, connecting with 72nd Bn. on right and 85th Battalion on left. As apparently the enemy’s intention was a flanking movement to cut off our Outposts, an S.O.S. signal was sent up with was promptly and effectively responded to by our Artillery. A short encounter followed in which the enemy was driven back, leaving two machine guns, and one prisoner in our hands. Our casualties were one Officer, Lieutenat J.D. Adams, wounded, (Since died of wounds) and 2 other ranks wounded. Balance of night was fairly quiet, with the exception of certain amount of shell fire. The conduct and actions of Captain H.M. Halkett, Medical Officer, who carried on his duties under heavy shell fire, clearing members of all Units in the front line during this day, and also the work of Private C.J.P. Runn, during the enemy attack, by visiting our outposts, giving confidence to our men, are worth of note. Battalion in front line area near Monchy as per Operation Order NO. 42. Twenty other ranks reinforcements joined Battalion. Weather fine.

Image: Shells bursting on Monchy just before its capture. Advance East of Arras. August, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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