War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn, CEF-Monday, September 2, 1918

The Battalion was in reserve for the Brigade and Nos.1,2,3,&4 Companies were under the command of Cap.H.Smith,M.C.,M.M., Lieut.W.A.H.Fellows, Capt.P.C.Band, M.C. and Lieut. A.W.Aseltine respectively. The Battalion was under immediate call, but moved forward from bivouac at 5.15a.m. and marched to Cherisy – the vicinity of which was being heavily shelled during passing. The area selected for assembling, West of Upton Wood was reached at 7.00a.m. without casualties. On arrival formation of units for the attack was at once made. At 8.30a.m. further forward movement was commenced, and by the large number of prisoners seen marching to the rear, indicated success to the assaulting troops. The success was not continued and the attacking troops were held up at Buissy Switch. The forward companies were halted at the sunken road running Northwest from Cagnicourt, and the situation remained very obscure until night. Weather: Fair.

Image: Canadian troops advancing through a German barrage east of Arras, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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