War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Thursday, September 19, 1918

September 19th was very fine, but, owing to high winds, aircraft was inactive. The Brigade Major called at Battalion Headquarters in the morning. The Enemy Shelled the area occupied by the battalion during the afternoon. Special attention to be given to the ground near Arras-Cambrai Road. Our engineers projected drums of gas into the enemy’s defense during the night. Captain F.D. Raymond, M.C. reported from hospital and resumed his duties as Adjutant. A draft of twenty four other ranks arrived from the 2nd Divisional Wing, C.C.R.C.

War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Wednesday, September 18, 1918

September 18th was very fine and aircraft were very active. On the night of September 18th/19th the battalion side-slipped to the right taking over a portion of the front line from the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Major Bowerbank made an inspection of the line immediately after this move had taken place. On this date H.S. Webb proceeded to England on leave of absence. The following officers who were wounded in the attacks carried out by the battalion on August 26th, 27th, and 28th were posted to Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot, Seaford, England, Captain F. McPhun, Captain N.J McGrimmon, Lieutenants A.W.May, M.C. H.G.Cameron, M.C., F.O. Johnstone and P.G. Hall.

War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Tuesday, September 17, 1918

Immediately after the relief of the 18th Canadian Battalion patrol were sent out to cover our front. These patrols had nothing of special interest to report upon their return to our lines. Enemy artillery was fairly active during the afternoon resulting in the area about Battalion Headquarters being heavily shelled. Lieutenant J.H. O’Keefe and ten other ranks patrolled our frontage the night of September 17th/18th.