The Brockville Rifles Return to Traditional Rank


Following the announcement by the Minister of National Defence during the summer of 2013 that the Canadian Army would revert to traditional rank nomenclature for certain trades and units, the adoption of Divisions to replace Commands (grouped by regions), and the re-adoption of “Pips and Crowns” for officer ranks, some units were left to redefine their Regimental traditions of dress.

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OP Lentus – Flooding of the Ottawa River 2017

Members of The Brockville Rifles have shared some of their experience from OP LENTUS. Worthy of note, MCpl Ryan Moss has received a commanders coin for his ability to lead his personnel in trying times, whilst maintaining a typically high rifles humour. Our deployed persons have reported that they have been well cared for and are, as expected, always ready. The thoughts of the entire regiment are with those affected by the circumstances of the flooding.


Les membres déployés a l’Opération LENTUS partagent certaines de leurs expériences. Le cpclc Ryan Moss a été reconnue pour leadership en temps difficile et sa capacité de maintenir le moral de ses membres; pour ceci il a reçu un médaillon du commandant. Nos membres nous renseignent qu’ils sont bien occupés, et comme toujours, ils sont prêts pour la prochaine tâche. Le régiment offre ses plus sincères pensées pour tous ceux affecté par les innondation.


Brockville Rifles Providing Troops to Assist Ongoing Flood Relief – VIDEO