Message from the Honourary Colonel HCol Rick Garber, CD

I feel privileged to join the Commanding Officer and the Honourary Colonel in welcoming you to the Brockville Rifles web site – the on line home of one of the Canadian Army’s longest serving regiments – on the eve of our sesquicentennial. Through this site, users have access to a wealth of information about our proud unit – ranging from our proud history through present day organization and activities to our upcoming 150th Anniversary celebrations.

As a former Commanding Officer of the Brocks, and currently the unit’s Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, I take great pride in the accomplishments of our regiment: the accomplishments of soldiers who have work the Brocks’ cap badge on active service in Canada from the War of 1812 through the Ice Storm of 1998, and overseas in the Fields of France and Flanders, in Jamaica and elsewhere in the Second World War, and most recently in Afghanistan. The Brocks have earned a hard won reputation for serving the city for which we are named, our county of Leeds Grenville, our province of Ontario and our nation – Canada!

To those of you with an interest in local history, in Canada’s Army or perhaps contemplating military service – welcome. To those of you who have served in the Brocks – welcome back!


Lieutenant-Colonel R.S. (Rick) Garber, CD
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel
The Brockville Rifles

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