Cpl Jowett Completed Ironman Competition

BROCKVILLE, September 2017 – Congratulations to Cpl Jowett for successfully completing the 2CMBG Ironman competition on September 7, 2017.

Before 4 a.m. the competitors lined up anxiously awaiting the firing of a 105-millimetre artillery howitzer signalling that the historic event was underway. A piper played an upbeat melody as the troopers ran, walked or shuffled off into the dark.

Conditions were fair during both days of the event. Competitors met a series of challenges along the way. After surviving a 32-kilometre run/march through the Petawawa training area, they threw 52-pound kevlar canoes on their backs and marched for another four kilometres.

Reaching the water, the tired racers then paddled down the Ottawa River until they reached Jubilee Lodge some eight kilometres away. Many were relieved to reach shore and painfully shuffle the last six kilometres to the finish line at Dundonald Hall where family, friends and fellow comrades cheered them on to the end.

WAtch him cros the finish line:

Congratulations Cpl Jowett for a job well done.

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