War Diaries – 38th Bn. CEF

38th Bn, CEF-Thursday, September 26, 1918

The battalion detrained at Bullecourt and marched about 3 kilos. To an area just N.W. of Queant. By the afternoon the assembly positions were reconnoitered by the commanding officer and O.O’s Companies. Munitions were distributed and preparations for battle made. The battalion moved to its assembly positions in Slip Trench west of Inchy in D. The following officers accompanied the Battalion: – Lieut- Colonel S.D. Gardner, CMG, MC, Commanding Officer, Captain W. Vernon, M.C. Adjutant, Lieutenant T. H. Barnes, Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant J. A. D. Elder, Signaling Officer, Lieutenant P. C. Trendell, Scout Officer, Lieutenant I. P. Cocke Asst. Adjuant. A Company – Capatain A. G. Starkings, Lieut. W.M. Mathew, Lieut. L.J. Scott, Lieut L.A. S. Allen, B Company, Captain L.F. Goodwin, MC, Lieut R.C. Gaisford, Lieut R.G. Cochran, Lieut R.W. Vietch, C Company Captain A. Johnson, Lieut G. H. Burlan, Lieut G. O. Kemp, Lieut S. Knapp, MM, D Company Lieut A.W. Anderson, Lieut J.K Finlayson, A.J. Easterbrook, S.L.T. Harrison, Attached Officers – Captain F.N.K. Falls, W,H, Pratt, Medical Officer.

Image: 11th Inf. Brigade Hqtrs. during advance. Advance East of Arras. September, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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