War Diaries – 38th Bn. CEF

38th Bn, CEF-Friday, September 27, 1918

The Battalion was in place at 2.40 A.M. when a final conference of company commanders was held at Battalion Hd. Qrs. The attacked opened with a barrage playing on the Canal Du Nord at 5.20a.m. The Battalion moved forward toward the 10th Brigade objective from which it was to open its attack, passing through the ruined village of Inchy by two routes. The canal was crossed at approximately 6.00a.m. A and B company leading with C in support and D company in reserve. On arrival at the Marquioing Line short halts were made for the barrage to lift. The battalion then moved forward to the attack through heavy enemy shell fire, Bn. Hd. Qrs. were established in captured M.G. positions. A and B companies steadily moved forward followed by C and at about 11.00a.m. the objective (The railway running N.W. from Boulon) was established. A personal reconnaissance by Col. Gardiner and Lieut Trendell developed the fact that the left flank was in the air owing to the late arrival of the 1st Canadain Division on left. D company was once moved up by the C.O. and touch established. At 12.30p.m. liason shower 38th and 85th Battalions on their objectives. No 1 2 Platoon of A company held up on its advance by a M.G. post surrounded it and captured it. It was found to be covering the withdrawal of a battery of 5.9 Howitzers. These were taken together with 1 officer and 15 men. On arrival at the objective reorganization and consolidation immediately took place. Officer casualties to the point consisted of Capts L.F. Goodwin, MC, A.G. Starkings, dead and Lieut S.KNapp MM, wounded, Lieut T.H. Barnes was wounded but remained at duty. The dead of the battalion were identified in the afternoon. Bn. Hd. Qrs. were established at E6.A.20.40 in an old quarry. Orders were received at 11.00p.m. that the Battalion would move forward in the morning in support of 10th Brigade.

Image: Canadians advancing through a German barrage. Advance East of Arras. September, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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