War Diaries – 38th Bn. CEF

38th Bn, CEF-Friday, November 1, 1918

Battalion in front line on West bank of Canal D’Escaut. The battalion commenced to cross Canal D’Escaut at B.14.b.00.60 at 11.40a.m. Crossing completed at 12.40 – for attack on Valenciennes. Considerable resistance encountered from enemy machine guns and snipers, and four posts were mopped up. Battalion established for the night along railway and touch was established with the Battalion on our left and 10th Canadian Infantry brigade on our right. Patrols were sent through the city at night and met with considerable resistance from machine gun and trench mortar fire. Casualties – One officer wounded (later died of wounds) Lieut W.D.Munis, MC. Other Ranks – 7 wounded and 3 killed. Weather fine.

Image: Canadians going into Valenciennes over improvised bridge. November, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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