War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn, CEF-Monday, August 19, 1918

At different hours during the day Companies and Details were marched to Le Quesnel and bathed. Instructions were received from Brigade warning the Battalion that relief by the 2nd Bn., 55th Regt., 126th French Division would be effected at night. At 8.15p.m. the Battalion Band met parties of the Relief and played them in. During relief, which was completed by 9.30pm., great interest was taken by all ranks, and many comments passed on the equipment and transport of the French. The relief was notable – it being the first time the Battalion has been relieved by the French. In accordance with Operation Order No.42 the Battalion marched to location near Rosieres and bivouacked. Destination was reached at 11.05p.m.. Weather Fair.

Image: French troops gladly accept cigarettes from Canadian. Battle of Amiens. August, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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