War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn, CEF-Friday, August 30, 1918

Battalion arrived at Assembly Area at about 1.00a.m. and were in position by 2.30a.m. Heavy enemy whizz-bang barrage was concentrated in close proximity to Battalion H.Q., 0.9.a05.55 causing a few casualties. A small amount of gas shelling was carried out by the enemy but was not effective, there being no casualties reported. At 4.40 a.m., ZERO HOUR, the attack commenced supported by a heavy and very effective barrage from our guns. The attack was successful and by 6:00am all our objects were taken and work of consolidation commenced. This was very difficult owing to the harassing fire carried out by enemy machine gunners on skillfully concealed positions. In spite of several determined counter-attacks all our newly captured positions were maintained. In this operation heavy casualties were inflicted upon the enemy and an estimate of 225 unwounded prisoners were taken besides a number of machine guns and 3 enemy 4.1s. Whilst leading his men with the utmost gallantry Lt-Col.L.T.McLaughlin, D.S.O. became a casualty by a machine gun bullet in left thigh. Notwithstanding this he continued to direct the operations and not until the situation was well in had did he consent to be carried from the field to the dressing station. Command of the Battalion was assumed by Major R.Vanderwater, D.S.O. Our casualties during these operations on this day were 2 officers killed, 9 officers wounded and 175 (estimated) other ranks killed and wounded. Weather: Fine.

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