Hundred Days Offensive War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn. CEF- Friday, August 2, 1918

Ligneruil- Preparatory to moving clothing was inspected, indents taken and articles issued. Weather was fair. Companies and Details paraded for a close inspection by company and detail commanders during the morning. Special attention was paid to equipment, iron rations, field dressings, Lewis guns, moved from billets to Petit Houvin Station. Arrived at destination at 11:00pm, entrained and moved off at 12:15am. All surplus baggage was stored, the remainder was conveyed by transport (which left at 5:00pm) and was loaded as it stood on trucks, the horses in box cars, and finished by the time the Battalion arrived. Weather was Showery.

Image: 22nd Battalion bivouaced behind the lines. Battle of Amiens. August, 1918, Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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