The Brockville Rifles 150th Anniversary History Book

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The official history book for the 150th Anniversary of the Brockville Rifles


Explore the history of The Brockville Rifles in the official book published for the 150th Anniversary in 2016. 

The Brockville Rifles regimental motto is Semper Paratus: Always Prepared. This is an account of just what that motto means and implies. The book records the history of The Regiment from its roots just after the American War of Independence, up to its participation in The War in Afghanistan.
The last Brockville Rifles Regimental History to be printed was published in 1966, the year of the Regiment’s 100th Anniversary. The new book will bring that history up to the present , celebrating the 150th Anniversary in 2016. The new history contains many new archival illustrations, photographs and recently discovered documents , not found in the first history.

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