Hundred Days Offensive War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn. CEF- Thursday, August 1, 1918

August 1st found the Battalion in Fluy with A and B Companies in Seux, a distance of 1.5 miles from Battalion Headquarters which were located in the old Chateux, Fluy. At 9.00a.m. the Battalion proceeded to the Tank Demonstration Area near Picquigny, a march of 6.5 miles from Fluy. Arriving there at noon and having lunch in the field. At 2.00pm a lecture was given by the officer commanding No. 14 Tank Battalion giving general description of co-operation between Infantry and Tanks in Action…

Hundred Days Offensive War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn. CEF- Thursday, August 1, 1918

Dainville- The day was principally spent in resting and cleaning up. Baths were not available but clean underclothing was issued. Transport and rear details remained at Berneville. At 4:30pm the Battalion, less rear details, moved by motor busses and lorries from Dainville, de-bussing about one kilometre West of Avesnes-le-Comte, and proceeded to Lignereuil, arriving at 7:15pm. Transport and rear details left Berneville at 11:3-am and arrived at Lignereull at 5:30pm. The weather was fair.

Hundred Days Offensive

Prelude to the Hundred Days Offensive

In February of 1918 the 156th Battalion C.E.F. was disbanded due to the need of reinforcements along the Western Front. Members of the 156th were sent to several regiments. To tell the story of the soldiers of the 156th we will follow the events of three battalions from Eastern Ontario. The 2nd Battalion CEF (Eastern Ontario Regiment) perpetuated by the Governor General’s Footguards (Ottawa), 21st Battalion CEF perpetuated by the Prince of Whales on Regiment (Kingston) and the 28th Battalion CEF, perpetuated by the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Ottawa).

Hundred Days Offensive News

100th Anniversary of the Hundred Days Offensive

The Brockville Rifles perpetuate 4 battle honours of the 156th Battalion C.E.F. Amiens, Arras, Hindenburg Line and Pursuit to Mons. These were bestowed following the Hundred Days Offensive that lead to the end of The Great War. To honour the sacrifice of the soldiers of Eastern Ontario who served in these battles we will be posting in real time the transcribed events from their war diaries. Follow along and learn the story of these brave individuals who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. The real time events will start on August 1, starting just before the beginning of the Hundred Days Offensive.