War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Thursday, October 17, 1918

The weather continued fine and conditions were normal. The Commanding Officer visited the 19th Canadian Battalion to arrange for a relief. Bathing was carried out by “B” and “D” companies at the baths at Eswars. On this date Liet. D.McGoudy was slightly wounded by shell-fire. Lieut-Colonel H.E.Pense, D.S.O.,M.C. proceeded on leave to England from this date. During his absence Major G.S.S. Bowerbank M.C. assumed command of the 21st Canadian Battalion.

War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn, CEF-Thursday, October 17, 1918

In the early hours of the morning observations by our patrols showed the enemy had commenced to withdraw. The two front line Companies immediately sent out patrols consisting of approximately on Platoon and proceeded to cross the Canal and Sensee River to explore Ferin. Reports showed little of the enemy left there and every arrangement was made to follow his retirement. Progress was made as far up as the Douai-Cantin Road but at this point explicit orders were received from the G.O.C. that the Brigade as to dig in for the day ad that the following up of the retirement of the enemy would be continued tomorrow. This was done and an outpost line was formed just East of the Douai-Cantin Road. Weather: Fair.