War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Monday, October 14, 1918

The Battalion left Eswars at 1800 hours and proceeded to take over Suport Area of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade northeast of Iwuy. The relief was complete at 2115 hours and the night remained quiet. No casualties were reported. The dispositions of the companies were as follows:-“B” Company, right front, “D” Company left front. “A” Company right read. “C” Company, left rear. Lieut E.W.Edwards on returning from attachment to the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade was posted to Battalion Headquarters. The Battalion Transport and Rear Details remained at Eswars.

War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn, CEF-Monday, October 14, 1918

Very little enemy activity. Day was very bright and visibility good. During the day all arrangements were made for crossing the Canal and for establishing a line as far East of the village as the Douai-Cambrai road. At dusk a floating bridge was taken up by the 2nd Bn.Canadian Engineers under command of Lieut.Scott, and without difficulty was placed across the Canal. The Right Front Line Company cross the Canal, sending patrols through the village, meeting M.G. nests which were routed and captured. An outpost line was established on the Eastern edge of the Farm. The left Company Succeeded in crossing the Canal on their front on an old bridge which they had repaired and they did not meet with much resistance until reaching the Sensee River which proved to be very formidable obstacle. However everything was well in hand and plans were soon arranged for material to be brought up to allow the infantry to cross the river. Before this could be accomplished orders were received from Brigade to withdraw to former positions West of the Canal. This was done and an outpost line established as before. During the operations we inflicted many casualties upon the enemy and also captured three machine guns and 2 prisoners. Our casualties were light. Lt.W.A.Fellows being slightly wounded. Lt.A.McKinney joined the Bn.