War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn, CEF-Saturday, October 12, 1918

Early in the morning reconnoitering parties under command of Major R.deW.Waller, M.C. went forward and reconnoitered the forward area with a view of varying out a relief of the 16th Can.Inf.Bn. O.O. No. 55 was issued to Companies and Details Ordering a further move forward from the area of Brigade H.Q. (Quarry). The Bn. Fell in at 1700 hours and went forward and relieved the 16th Bn. Reliefs were complete at 1930 hrs. and accomplished without casualties. Lt-Col.L.T.McLaughlin, D.S.O. commanded the Bn. with Lieut.J.H.Eastwood, M.C. commadning No.1 Company, Lieut.W.A.Fellows commanding No.2. Company, Major H.H.Hester commanding No.3 Company and Lieut.D.A.Cameron, M.C. commanding No.4 Company. Strength of Bn was 550 all ranks. Shelling during the day consisted of harassing fire by the enemy, with our ‘heavies’ carrying out destructive shoots on targets East of the Canal.

War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Saturday, October 12, 1918

During the night of October 11th-12th the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade was relieved by a Brigade of the 51st Division, the 6th Gorodons relieved the 21st Canadian Battalion. Relief was complete at 0245 hours and the Battalion proceeded to billets is Escadoevres. Our casualties during the advance of the day were Officers, killed, 3, died of wounds, 1, wounded, 6, wounded at duty, 2 gassed, 1, Other Ranks, killed, 39, wounded, 272, Missing 2. he Guns of this Battery were very effective during the operation, in support of our companies, and co-operating with our Lewis Gunners against the enemy’s tanks.. [Follow the link for the full entry]