War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn, CEF-Monday, September 30, 1918

The Battalion in Brigade Reserve. Day spent in re-organizing and resting. Weather: Fair. During the month the following officers proceeded on leave: – Lieut. A.W. Aseltine to Paris. Capt. H.Taylor to U.K. Lieut.J. Leckey. Lieut.A.Hewitt. Lieut.A.J.Wall, M.C. Capt.H.Smith, M.C., M.M. From Leave: Lieut.P.B.d’Esterre, Lieut.A.W.Aseltine.Lieut.D.A.Cameron. Major R.de.Waller, M.C. from Can.Corps School. Signed: Major R. Vanderwater, O.C. 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion, East. Ontario Regiment.

War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Monday, September 30, 1918

September 30th was very quiet and the battalion rested. In the afternoon a message from 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade warned the battalion to be ready to move at two hours’ notice. This move did not take place during the day. The ration strength of the battalion on September 30th was: – Officers ……..28, Other Ranks……..821. Signed Lieutenant Colonel H.E. Pense, D.S.O.,M.C.

War Diaries – 38th Bn. CEF

38th Bn, CEF-Sunday, September 29, 1918

The battalion was in position of assembly at 5.40a.m. At 5.30A.m. Captain W. Vernon, MC, Adjutant, made a reconnaissance of our frontage. The battalion attacked after a 20 minute barrage at 6.20a.m. B, C, and D companies in front and A Company was support. Hd Qrs. were established at pill box just outside a village. The battalion passed over and crossed the Douai-Cambrai road in face of intense shell and machine gun fire and progressed some 250 yards when held up by very heavy MG fire from Railway Embankment. We were unable to connect up on either of our flanks. Companies held their positions but were unable to advance. The 28th Can. Inf Battalion in support attempted to reinforce us but was unable to reach the Douai-Cambrai Road. During this period Lieut F.H. Barnes made a reconnaissance of utmost value under most trying conditions, enabling companies to gain touch and to communicate with Hd. Qrs. During the night companies moved to west side of Douai-Cambrai Road.

War Diaries – 38th Bn. CEF

38th Bn, CEF-Saturday, September 28, 1918

Battalion moved forward at 6.30a.m. C and D companies in front with A and B companies following at 500 yards distance. The Arras-Cambrai Road was reached without casualties. Several batteries of field guns were passed by. The Battalion was very heavily shelled all afternoon and had about 15 casualties, including 2 officers, Lieut-Col S.D, Gardiner and Lieut R.C. Gaisford. [Follow the link for the full entry]

War Diaries – 21st Bn. CEF

21st Bn, CEF-Friday, September 27, 1918

During the 26th and 27th September the Battalion remained in Bivouac area. The 26th September, was devoted to refitting and completing the kits of all other ranks. Bathing parades were carried out at the Divisional Baths, Hendecourt on September 27th. Lieutenant H.M. Pattison reported to the battalion as a reinforcement and was posted to “A” Company. 805158 Corporal H.H. Turner and 805693 Private D.N. Duffy proceeded to England to attend Canadian Training School, with views to obtaining commissions.