War Diaries – 2nd Bn. CEF

2nd Bn. CEF- Saturday, August 3, 1918

Training by Companies was carried out as usual in the morning. At 2.00p.m. advance party proceeded to Cagny area to arrange for the billeting of the Battalion. At 5.00p.m. the Battalion received warning order to proceed any time after 7.00pm to the Cagney Area. As this move was to be made in Battle Order, all men’s packs and surplus baggage were stored at Seux and Fluy. At 11.00pm the Battalion Moved off, and after marching 12 miles, arrived at 5.45 a.m.

War Diaries – 38th Bn. CEF

38th Bn. CEF- Saturday, August 3, 1918

Battalion detrained at Longpre about 4am and after enjoying light refreshments marched out at 515am to Heucourt – arriving about 8am. D. Company was billeted at Crocquolsons. Billets were fairly good for the men, but a bit lacking for officers. Eggs, fried chips and beer were readily obtained and the men who had received their pay enjoyed themselves. All ranks were kept under cover as much as possible to lessen chances of enemy obtaining our information about the Canadians being on the march path.  Mystery and Luck are nature. Weather – Fine.